State-of-the-art new hybrid theatre an important development for heart patient

Netcare St Augustine’s Hospital brings more cutting-edge healthcare to KZN

Monday, June 30 2014

Netcare St Augustine’s Hospital in Durban has commenced with a project to develop a state-of-the-art hybrid theatre that is set to change the face of heart medicine in KwaZulu-Natal.

Jacques du Plessis, managing director of the Netcare hospital division, says Netcare St Augustine’s Hospital will be the first private hospital in KwaZulu-Natal to perform cardiac, vascular and neurosurgery in such a hybrid theatre. “The project is a major investment by Netcare in healthcare in the province. The theatre will keep the hospital at the cutting edge of technology and ensure that our patients continue to have access to only the very latest and safest in medical care.”

Dr Augusta Dorning, general manager of Netcare St Augustine’s Hospital, explains that the theatre is being developed with a range of surgical equipment, as well as extremely advanced imaging technology, including angiography, a method of medical imaging that is used to visualise the inside of blood vessels and organs. The high-powered imaging technology will be used to guide a range of sophisticated surgical interventions in cardiovascular and brain surgery.

“The technology and facilities on offer at the new theatre will assist in further improving our already outstanding treatment outcomes in the fields of cardiovascular and neurosurgery, and also assist in reducing the length of hospital stays. This advancement in cardiovascular and neurosurgical medicine in the province is good news for our patients,” adds Dr Dorning.

Dr Dorning observes that the hybrid theatre will enable doctors to perform a full range of highly complex cardiac and vascular procedures including coronary angiograms, stent insertions (a device used to maintain blood flow in diseased blood vessels), heart bypass surgery, open-heart surgery, heart valve replacement procedures, mitral heart valve repairs, the repair of paravulvar leaks in the heart, and epicardial ablations of ventricular tachycardia of the heart, a procedure that is used to correct a type of abnormal heart rhythm.

“Various approaches are now being used for the treatment of cardiac and vascular diseases, with cases being managed by multi-disciplinary teams of cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, vascular surgeons and radiologists. The new theatre will enable doctors to use new therapies combining, for example, traditional open-type surgical operations with percutaneous procedures, which are intricate, minimally invasive interventions done via needle-punctures of the skin,” explains Dr Dorning.

Construction of the new theatre started earlier this month and is generating tremendous excitement among cardiologists and surgeons who are practising at Netcare St Augustine’s Hospital. “We are most fortunate to have leading medical specialists, including cardiologists, vascular surgeons and a neurosurgeon, who will be making use of the impressive new facility. In addition to its many other benefits, the theatre is assisting us to attract some of KwaZulu-Natal’s leading talent in these fields,” adds Dr Dorning.

“With the rapid increase in the prevalence of medical conditions such as diabetes and heart disease, and the proven effectiveness of hybrid medical procedures for the treatment of many cardiovascular cases, there is a great need for this theatre and the vast range of treatment options it provides. This development at our hospital once again demonstrates Netcare’s commitment to investing in healthcare in our country and bringing world class technology and services to the community,” concludes Dr Dorning.

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