Cancer no longer a death sentence

Staff at Netcare Kingsway Hospital fostering hope for cancer patients on World Cancer Day

Tuesday, February 4 2014

For the average person, cancer is a word that conjures up fear. A common misconception is that cancer is a death sentence. However, staff members at Netcare Kingsway Hospital’s oncology unit are determined to show their patients that having cancer does not mean all hope is lost.

On World Cancer Day, 4 February 2014, the staff took it upon themselves to hand out sweet treats to patients currently being treated at the unit. Aligned to this year’s World Cancer Day campaign theme of “Debunking the Myths” that surround cancer, staff at Kingsway Hospital aimed to spread messages of hope and encouragement to patients battling the disease.

By encouraging their patients to embrace the spirit of the campaign, the staff at the hospital fostered an atmosphere of hope in the oncology ward. According to Dr Anca Pirjol, an oncologist at the Netcare Kingsway Hospital, “cancer is most certainly not a death sentence and with today’s modern medicine and technology, certain types of cancers have a 90% cure rate whereas others can be treated effectively and with very few side effects.”

There is a lot of research being undertaken around the world to advance the fight against cancer. Cancer researchers are constantly exploring new surgical techniques, radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatments to try and combat various forms of the disease. Cancer vaccines, monoclonal antibodies and gene therapies are also active areas of research with promising outcomes. “While researchers work tirelessly to find the ultimate cure for cancer, patients living the disease should not lose hope,” asserts Dr Pirjol.

This is also the attitude of Anele Nkosi* (30), a breast cancer patient currently undergoing treatment at the oncology unit. Anele was diagnosed with breast cancer in November last year. Despite her illness, she has a positive outlook on life and is determined to use every ounce of her willpower to overcome the disease. Anele wants to remind others in a similar situation that even if you have been diagnosed with cancer, you can still live with hope. “Everyday I am grateful that I am alive. I want people to know that it is possible to have cancer and still be positive,” she says.

“Our dedicated team of doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals are here to ensure that our patients receive the best possible care and to support them every step of the way,” says Annatjie Demetriou, general manager at Netcare Kingsway Hospital.

Anele Nkosi* - name changed to safeguard the privacy of a Netcare patient.

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